Get 27% off the Quick Powering LithiumCard Backup Battery

Seeing as phones are getting to a pocket-busting size nowadays, other tech needs to shrink down. The LithiumCard does that for batteries — it's way thinner and smaller than your overgrown handset. Plus, it's a super fast charger – 1% of your device per minute. The best part? For Gizmodo readers, it's 27% off.

To be precise, it is about the thickness of five credit cards stuck together, and under four inches on its longest side. In fact, it has been specifically designed to live in a wallet. But the most impressive thing is the charging prowess crammed into that tiny space; the capacity is 1200mAh, and the LithiumCard can pump out 2 amps of power, so we're talking 1% of device battery per minute of charging. There's also a cable built in (Lightning and Micro USB versions available).


>> Get 27% off the LithiumCard backup battery ($39.99 incl. shipping)

The LithiumCard was originally crowdfunded into reality via IndieGoGo — the campaign video gives you a nice overview of the battery's main features…

Here's the highlights:

  • HyperCharging capabilities — up to 2 amps of charging power
  • All inclusive cable design, flip out the USB charging and Lightning cable
  • Simultaneous charging capabilities to charge the LithiumCard and your device if necessary
  • Comes with NanoStik pad to keep the charger stuck to your device if your wallet doesn't work
  • 1200mAh of capacity
  • Ultra-thin credit card design

Shipping is free with this deal, but to Continental US addresses only. Please make sure to select the correct version (Lightning/Micro USB) on the product page. Check out the link to grab the deal and view the LithiumCard's vital statistics.

>> Get 27% off the LithiumCard backup battery ($39.99 incl. shipping)

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