Save Over 30% On The JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter Battery

Any backup battery can charge your phone or tablet, but the JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter can also jumpstart your dead car battery. Right now, Jalopnik readers can grab one for over 30% off MSRP + free shipping w/ code JUNO5.


The sound of a spluttering starter motor in the morning is horrible. Instead of having to find another car to get a jump from, you can simply hook up the JUNOPOWER to your car’s battery via the supplied jump leads, and let the 12V output do the rest. The supplied cables can actually sense when your car battery has enough juice to start the engine. The Jump Starter also has two USB ports, which let you charge power-hungry devices at 2.1A (the top charging speed of an iPad), and a power management system protects both your car and your devices from overheating. At less than an inch thick and weighing in at just seven ounces, this is a great little backup battery to keep in your car.

Save 30% on the JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter ($69.99 + Free Shipping)

Top Features:

  • Jump a completely dead car battery in minutes
  • Charge power hungry devices such as smartphones, cameras, and tablets with the USB 5V 2.1A output
  • Never again worry about being stranded with a dead phone or car battery
  • Utilize the included flashlight
  • See if your car is ready to jump or not with the included intelligent cable
  • Protect your devices with the built-in power management system
  • Easily carry around the lightweight structure

For just $69.99, you’ll get the JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter (choose from black or blue) plus the SMART jumper cables - everything you’ll need to jumpstart your battery. Shipping is included in the sale price (US only), and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Head to the link below to grab yours today - be sure to use code JUNO5 for the full discount!

Save 30% on the JUNOPOWER Portable Jump Starter ($69.99 + Free Shipping)

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