Get 20% off the KICK: Smartphone Controlled Lighting Studio

If you have KICK in your back pocket, you have a versatile, miniature lighting studio with you at all times. KICK enhances the lighting conditions for your photos or videos, no matter the situation. The size of a Smartphone, KICK is portable too. For a limited time, Gizmodo readers can get one for about 20% off.

We place so much value in a camera's lens or body, but light is one of the most important factors for producing top-notch smartphone photography.


>> KICK: Pocket Sized Lighting Studio


"iPhone photographers and videographers who want to add special lighting effects to their masterworks....It's the perfect marriage of a powerful iOS app and device with advanced lighting technology." – TUAW


"The KICK enables photographers to modify light for clearer images" – Mashable

"[KICK] really comes into its own when you want a dash of color or to record video" – Engadget


The KICK has a free companion app (iOS & Android) that can control all functionality remotely:


Product Specifications:

  • Works With Any Camera – Smartphones, DSLRs, or Compacts
  • 1/4-20 standard Tripod Mount
  • White light continuously adjustable from warm to cool light (2500 to 10000 Kelvin)
  • Full color light continuously adjustable
  • 400 Lumen output at 5400 Kelvin – Wide Beam Angle

This is the largest discount on KICK ever, and though not cheap at $149, it's a solid deal on an excellent accessory for Smartphone Photography – you'll see a clear and customizable difference in the clarity of your pictures. If you're interested, head over to StackSocial:

>> KICK: Pocket Sized Lighting Studio | StackSocial

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