Get 88% Off The Complete iOS Game Development Course

If you've ever looked at the garbage in the App Store's Games section and thought, "I could do better", you're not alone. But as development ain't easy, here's a course that will take you from hopeless beginner to junior developer.


In total, it's 120 hours of content, and once you're done, you will have a certificate and an awesome portfolio to show for it.Currently, this course is available for $59 — that's 88% off the normal price. Scroll down for more details.

>> Get 88% off The Complete iOS Game Development Course

Here's what you get…

  • Over 169 lectures and 13 hours of content
  • Build iOS Games using Sprite Kit
  • Use the Objective-C language to build iOS games
  • Understand game physics and mechanics
  • Learn about sprite/texture creation, Sprite Theory, ATLAS files
  • Learn how to implement obstacles and enemies along with basic enemy AI
  • Learn to add sound, music, and sound effects
  • Develop game menus and saving/loading game progression

Okay, so you do need some basic idea of object-oriented programming (not necessarily Objective-C). But other than that, The Complete iOS Game Development Course guides you through eight projects in baby steps, covering mechanics, visuals, sound and much more along the way. The instructors are also at the top of their…ahem…game, and they combine videos, notes, discussion forums and assignments to keep things fresh.


The Teachers

John, an ex-biophysics researcher at Harvard, was the lead iOS developer at Fast Society and has contributed to apps that have appeared in TechCrunch, Mashable and the New York Times. Eliot regularly teaches iOS development classes and workshops at General Assembly NYC. Yes, they're available if you have questions.


With purchase, you get unlimited, lifetime access to the course via iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Interested? Head over to StackSocial for details.

>> Get 88% off The Complete iOS Game Development Course


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Written by Mark Myerson

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