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How to Use for Free

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Like free stuff? Us too! That's why we partnered with to bring Lifehacker readers the longest free trial ever for the the best e-learning resource available. With, you can learn web design, accounting, photography, recording techniques - anything. Interested? Check it out here.


If you haven't heard of, you've been living under a rock. It's an amazing resource that enables you to learn from experts about any skill imaginable. Lifehacker loves - calling it their "favorite" for e-learning. Here's some more info:

2 Weeks of Free | StackSocial

Anyway - it's 2 weeks long, so if there's ever been a skill or trade that you've wanted to learn, now's the time! Here are some skills you could learn:

  • Ableton Live - learn to DJ
  • Adobe - top courses for every adobe program
  • Aperture - learn to edit photos like a pro
  • Avid - master video editing

And those are just my highlights from the A's! There are courses taught by experts on bodybuilding, audio recording, accounting, architecture (stuck in the "A's" again - sorry!), interior design, coding, note taking.... practically any skill you could want to learn (here's a list) - lynda's got you covered.


UPDATE: You must enter your credit card info to redeem the freebie and will automatically be charged then refunded $1 when they verify your credit card. Otherwise, you will not be charged until your free trial ends.

2 Weeks of Free | StackSocial

P.S. Just go redeem - it's free, you have nothing to lose.

StackSocial curates exclusive, hand-picked deals on trending and innovative digital products. They've partnered with the commerce team to bring you these specials. So to be clear, this post is not editorial and we make money on sales.


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