There are plenty of productivity apps on the market, but Todoist is one of the best. Each app offers something a little different to make our lives easier, but few actually tell you when you’re slacking off. Enter Todoist Premium, now available to Lifehacker readers for 1 year for $13.99 (52% off) through StackSocial.

With Todoist, you get all the standard features of other productivity apps plus the value of a rich task management experience.


Todoist Premium Features:

  • Sync across almost any platform and device
  • Reminders via text or email
  • Task search and task notes
  • iCal Calendar synchronization
  • Automatic backups
  • Unlimited task list creation, Sub tasks, Priority tags, Due dates, & Color Coding and more!


What really sets Todoist apart, the coup de grace for anyone looking to improve their productivity, is the unique take on tracking what gets done. Using Todoist Karma, a gamification system, the app awards points for completing tasks on time and deducts points when you miss or postpone a deadline. Todoist even visualizes this data into a chart so you can see daily and weekly productivity trends.

If you're not interested, no worries. But, if you’re looking for a tool to help get your life in order, head over to StackSocial:

Grab Todoist Premium on StackSocial for $13.99 and start making moves!

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