Finally Go Paperless With 25% off Doxie Go

Is your desk always a mess? Welcome to the club. The key is going paperless! To help, Doxie Go is Lifehacker's recommended tool. Doxie scans everything from bills and receipts to reports, drawings, photos... anything. For a little while, Kotaku readers can get Doxie Go for 25% off.


We know – Kotaku is a gaming blog. We posted this because it's a good discount on a well-reviewed piece of consumer tech. However, if you have feedback about whether or not this type of deal belongs on Kotaku, please comment below!

In addition to scanning, Doxie Go makes organizing all of your new digital assets very easy. It syncs with your Mac or PC to organize scans, creates PDFs, and sends to cloud apps like Evernote & Dropbox with 1-click.

Doxie Go is totally portable. With it's built in battery and memory, you don't have to connect to a computer or charger to start scanning.


Normally $200, Doxie Go is down to its lowest price ever ($149). We also got you Free Shipping inside the US. If you made a New Years resolution to go paperless, Doxie will streamline the process, keep your documents organized, and in general, keep you from going insane:

>> Get 25% off the Doxie Go Portable Scanner | StackSocial

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