For a short time, Gizmodo readers can get one of the most unique, high-end bluetooth speakers on the market โ€“ Grain Audio's PWS โ€“ for 10% off plus free shipping with the StackSocial code "gizten". This deal is limited to 100 units, so grab one quick!

The Grain Audio PWS (Packable Wireless System) is powerful, sounds great, and made of wood. These speakers are for anyone who loves great sound:

Grain Audio's PWS includes:

  • Award-winning MaxxAudio sound processing by Waves
  • Bluetooth Connectivity โ€” Bluetooth 3.0 with APT-X and AAC tech for lossless transfer (high definition Bluetooth)
  • Patented "Bass Isolation System" โ€” to prevent rattling
  • 8 hours of playtime on a single charge


"A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker for $249? Don't mind if I do." โ€” The New York Times


"The Jambox โ€“ a category-definer, and up til now our favorite all-around Bluetooth speaker โ€“ sounded positively weak compared to the room-filling PWS." โ€” Cult of Mac

^ Need we say more?


Wondering why it's made of wood? For acoustics, wood provides a warm sound that plastic or metal simply cannot emulate. (Specifically, the PWS is made of Walnut)

The Grain Audio PWS is always $250, but Gizmodo readers can get 10% off (taking it to $225) by using the StackSocial coupon "gizten". It includes FREE shipping inside the US.


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