Keeping track of all the charging cables you need for your various devices can be a pain, but this 3-in-1 cable offers a single solution to all your devices’ charging needs, with Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB-C connectors. Right now, you can one for $10, 2 for $15, or three for $22. today, saving up to 75%.

This handy cable can simultaneously charge most modern electronics using the Micro-USB connection, any iOS devices compatible with Lightning, and even the new Macbook or other Type C devices.

If you’re looking for one cable to charge practically any device, grab this 3-in-1 charging cable today. It’s available in grey or gold, and comes in either one for $10, 2 for $15, or three for $22.

Charge Any Your Device With This $10 3-in-1 Cable 

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