Want to build your own drone? The FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit has everything you need for building your own custom quadcopter from scratch, with no soldering required. Normally $150, Jalopnik readers can get the full kit for over 30% off - just $99 with free shipping.

Top Features:

  • Build your own full-featured drone from scratch
  • Design and 3D print your own shells
  • Mount shells directly to the circuit board
  • Snap pics from the air with the Wi-Fi camera
  • Control your quadcopter with your phone or tablet
  • Download the app to control gravity sensors, record video, take photos & more

This DIY quadcopter kit comes with all of the essential drone components unassembled, so that you can build the custom drone of your dreams. You can even sketch and print your own shells to give it a true personal edge. Then, use your phone to pilot your creation, and record the epic footage to prove it.


The complete kit normally costs $150, but for a limited time, Jalopnik readers can save over 30% and get it for just $99 with free shipping. Hit the link below to get yours.

Build Your Own Drone With FlexBot: Save Over 30% + Free Shipping

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