If you’re ready to take the next step towards a career in web development, you’ll need a portfolio of current, real-world apps to make a moving impression. The comprehensive ‘Interactive Coding Bootcamp’ will get you job-ready in just 12 weeks, and io9 readers can sign up for 92% off.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 33+ hours of video content
  • Downloadable ​e-book on how to get hired as a full-time web developer
  • Live guidance with instructors via live video/screenshare
  • Study front-end development w/ HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery & frameworks like AngularJS
  • Learn back-end development w/ Ruby on Rails, Node.js, e-commerce, databases & more
  • Understand computer science fundamentals, algorithms, git, and test driven development (TDD)
  • Create a portfolio of real-life apps to help you get jobs or start your own business


This in-depth training course will help you establish your developer skills with 33+ hours of video courses from Stanford, Harvard and more, including 1-on-1 interaction with the best mentors in the field. You’ll get a comprehensive lock on front-end and back-end development, as well as specific job-hunting tips to get hired as a developer. Upon course completion, you’ll have an established portfolio of real apps to wow prospective employers.

This program typically runs for $499, but you can get it right now for $39 - that’s 92% off. This is a 12-week course, but you can start whenever you’d like. Check out their FAQ page for more info, and hit the link below to sign up.

Save 92% on the Interactive Coding Bootcamp ($39)

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