It's always better to be safe than sorry. For a little while, Lifehacker readers can save $40 on a quality, pocket-sized breathalyzer. The BACtrack S35 is on sale for $29.99 โ€“ it's lowest price ever โ€“ down from $70.

Monitoring your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) with a breathalyzer is a good way to stay in control when drinking. They can also help you avoid dangerous and costly scenarios like DUIs.

BACtrack displays your blood alcohol content in 5 seconds.

The BACtrack S35 is portable and discreet - it can easily fit in your pocket.

BACtrack normally retails for $70 โ€“ Lifehacker readers can get it for $29.99.

This breathalyzer ships free but is available in the US and Canada only. If you're interested, head over to StackSocial:

>> Get The BACtrack S35 Pocket Breathalyzer for $29.99 | 57% off | StackSocial

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