Apple Depot Earbuds - $15 - 57% Off

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This one is a steal, folks. Great earbuds are hard to come by. And, we always need more. Most earbuds don't fit, and the ones that do often sound horrible! Manufactured by Apple Depot [a different company than Apple, inc.] these earbuds are a similar design and functionality to the official Apple Earbuds, but for half the price! Check them out, at over 50% off, it's a must buy.


As an added benefit, these earbuds have a great microphone and volume remote attached, so there's no need for an additional headset.

Here's why we love these earbuds:

  • These earbuds are molded in a new-age design for optimum comfort
  • Design is engineered specifically for outstanding sound isolation
  • Moisture proof and water resistant
  • Remote control and microphone allow hands-free communication and playback control

>> 57% off Apple Depot Earbuds [via StackSocial]

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