Smartphones are pretty good at rescuing you from most problems, but when they run out of juice, you have to rescue them with a charging cable…which I never remember to take. The Chargecard wants to solve this by fitting that cable into your wallet. Now, you can get one for 20% off.

Basically, the Chargecard is a USB to Lightning (Micro USB in the Android version) cable that is shaped like a credit card when folded up. In use, the USB end flexes out from the middle of the card to meet the power-giving port, while the smaller Lightning end stays rigid to provide good durability. And, of course, the Chargecard is pretty handy for moving data. The Chargecard currently has 21% off, making it $24.99:

>> Get 21% off the Chargecard Backup Charging Cable + Free Shipping

Here are the Chargecard's best bits…

  • The world's thinnest USB phone cable
  • The thickness of 2.5 credit cards (0.1" thick)
  • Always have a cable on you, slide it nicely into your wallet
  • Charge and sync your Lightning devices

And Lifehacker's verdict

"The size and shape, and the fact that it fits anywhere without needing to be coiled/uncoiled or being a pain to carry, make it a pretty useful tool." – Alan Henry, Lifehacker


Stuff to note: the Apple version of the Chargecard charges devices with an 8-pin Lightning port (iPhone 5/5S/5C, newer-gen iPad & iPod Touch), but the Micro USB version is also available (Android). This deal is Continental US only:

>> Get 21% off the Chargecard Backup Charging Cable + Free Shipping

Written By Mark Myerson

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