If you've ever dreamed of joining the many game developers who feature on these pages, now's your chance — this bundle of courses covers four key areas of game design, (incl. Unity 3D) and the best part? It's name your own price.

After all, who has played Halo Reach or Uncharted 2 and not wanted to recreate the awesome gameplay and jaw-dropping graphics? These four courses teach the required skills over 115+ hours of video tuition. That ranges from development in Unity 3D and 3ds Max, to the designing of layouts and artwork for both 2D and 3D titles, plus content on how to make your games truly compulsive.


Normally, these courses would cost $796, but we're giving you the opportunity to pay whatever you like for Engage Your Customers with Gamification and Learn To Craft "Hand-Painted" Textures. Beat the average price paid, and you'll get the other two courses, as well. Scroll down for a closer look, or hit the link to grab the deal…

>> Get the Name Your Own Price Game Design Bundle (worth $796)

Make Real Games: Become a Unity 3D Power User ($299)

  • Learn the Unity UI and how to structure projects; progress from basic to advanced Unity scripting
  • Understand how to compile games, plus get experience with level and sound design

Get Schooled: Professional Video Game Art School ($399)

  • Learn the basics of 3ds Max, and get a grip on game layout and design
  • Understand 2D and 3D drawing techniques

Engage Your Customers with Gamification ($49)

  • Understand the basics of gamification, along with the science and research behind gamification
  • Learn about engagement science by working through examples and cases of gamification in practice

Learn to Craft "Hand-Painted" Textures ($49)

  • Learn the basics of modeling and unwrapping a low poly sword
  • Master he techniques needed to create hand-painted gaming textures in Photoshop

This deal comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and unlimited lifetime access to the courses. Check out the link for all the details…

>> Get the Name Your Own Price Game Design Bundle (worth $796)

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