The mammoth processors and media centers of current-gen consoles are obviously nice. But the best console is the one in your pocket. If that's an Android phone, this bundle should keep you occupied a while — and it's name your own price.

The bundle includes 7 titles, and there seems to be plenty of quality and variety in there. Just to take a quick sample, there's the unique blend of music composition/tower defense that is Bad Hotel, classic top-down shooter action in Syder Arcade HD, a side-scrolling adventure on the red planet with Waking Mars, and Sim City-after-a-zombie-apocalypse in the shape of Rebuild.


And the name your own price bit? You all know Humble Bundle? Well this format is very similar. You can pay whatever you like to pick up Syder Arcade HD and Incredipede, but pay above the average, and you'll get the other 5 games in the bundle as well. In all, it would normally cost you $16 to grab these games. Scroll down for a closer look, or check out the link for more…

>> Name Your Own Price on the Handheld Hero Android Gamer Bundle

Here's the full bundle:

Bad Hotel – A chaotic tower defense & music composition game

Zombie Gunship: Gun Dead 3D – You're humanity's last line of defense, take to the skies!

Waking Mars – Discover & create life on the red planet

Rebuild – Sim City meets the Walking Dead

Syder Arcade HD – Old-School Alien-Blasting Fun

Incredipede – Explore over 120 levels & create custom characters

Savant - Ascent – Blast & dodge your way through enemies to reclaim your tower

Check the link below to ensure compatibility. When you purchase, you get instant access to downloading all the games, but please download your games within 60 days. For all the details, head for the link…

>> Name Your Own Price on the Handheld Hero Android Gamer Bundle

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