At one time, the NSA banned Furbys, but that doesn't mean all robotic pets should be off-limits! For a little while, io9 readers can get 14% off Romo, the iOS powered pet robot.

It helps that Romo is actually an app that comes to life when you attach your phone to his caterpillar tracks — so yes, he's mobile. But he is also properly intelligent and can be taught to do stuff like detect your face, chase objects, follow paths, or just wander around as he pleases, and there's a free SDK to keep makers happy. An added bonus is that he can be controlled from any computer in the world, so video conferencing can be fun. And, he's kinda cute too.

We've knocked 14% off the price of Romo, so you can now adopt him for $129. See below for his list of tricks…


>> Get 14% off Romo, your iOS robot companion (+ free shipping)

Here's what Romo can do…

  • Romo has his own personality and will respond to people and events around him
  • Train Romo to detect your face, chase objects, follow paths, and even explore on his own
  • Call and control Romo from any computer or iOS device
  • Remote control and mobility adds another layer of interactivity to video conferencing
  • Playing with Romo teaches problem solving, STEM skills, and the basics of programming

Gizmodo reviewed and like Romo, saying "it's as easy to assemble as plugging in your headphones."


Romo is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or 5th Gen iPod Touch. This deal is Continental US only, but shipping is free. Head for the link below to get a Romo or to find out more.

>> Get 14% off Romo, your iOS robot companion (+ free shipping)


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