Who doesn't love a nice bike ride? Solé Bicycles are our neighbors on Venice Beach. They build beautiful, unique bikes that even us hipster-haters can't resist. With Solé you can alternate between riding a Fixed Gear or a Single Speed. And for a little while, Gizmodo readers can pick up any Solé for 25% off.

If you're a longtime reader, you know that Gizmodo likes unique bikes. Fixed gear bikes have gotten popular lately, and we think they're pretty cool. Not only can you ride very fast on a Fixed Gear, but you can ride backwards, which is to say the least, badass.

>> Get 25% off A Solé Bicycle

Still need convincing? Here's more shots of our favorite: "The FOAMSIDE"

Sole also partners with local artists in Venice to create special edition bikes. Here's a few of our favorites:

The Zissou

El Tigre

Anyway, these bikes are a little pricey because look and ride great. You can check out Solé's entire selection here. They normally cost $400, but Gizmodo readers can get any Solé bike 25% off for $299. Shipping costs $25 flat to anywhere in the US. Need to know the difference between single speed and fixed gear bikes? Read this.

>> Get 25% off A Solé Bicycle

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