Meet BatteryBox - the powerful, 60Wh portable charger that can power your iPhone 6 up to 75 additional hours, and gives your Macbook Air up to 13 hours extra battery life. It's the highest energy-density product of its kind, and Gizmodo readers can get it for 42% off with code GBOX42.

BatteryBox Gives Your Devices:

  • 12-15 hours of extra battery life for Macbook Air
  • 5-7.4 hours for Macbook Pro
  • 22 hours for iPad Air 2
  • 25 hours for iPad Mini
  • 75 hours for iPhone 6
  • 50 hours for Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 127 hours for Nexus 5

BatteryBox uses its own "BatteryOS" technology that monitors lithium-ion battery power and optimizes performance for minimal degradation. As a result, BatteryBox maintains its original capacity for up to 5 years - 3x longer than any device of its kind. It's also better for your batteries than standard chargers, and will help your device's battery last 4 times longer. It's small and portable, so you never have to worry about finding an outlet when you're on-the-go. Get yours at the link below, and save an extra $10 with code GBOX42.

>> Save 42% on BatteryBox (includes shipping)

Top Features:

  • Charges MacBooks with a custom cord
  • Keeps outputs in "off" mode when not in use, with smart technology
  • Protects against shorting
  • Uses the BatteryOS function to make devices hold more capacity and remain like new
  • Conveniently recharges via any micro-USB cable
  • Dimensions: 49mm x 95mm x 63 mm
  • Weight: 404g

Shipping is free to the Continental US; use the dropdown on the product page to check out the international options. Hit the link below for more info and grab yours today.

>> Save 42% on BatteryBox (includes shipping)

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