It's a beautiful Fall day and you're spending it indoors. Why? Because you're on a mission to learn the basics of design. And, we're here to help! The all new Massive Fall Design Bundle includes tons of professional quality design resources. We offered a similar deal to Lifehacker readers over Summer, and it was so well received we've brought it back with all new assets!

This bundle is a great resource for everyone from beginners and hobbyists to more advanced designers & front end devs. It includes Icons, Logos, Textures, Backgrounds, Text Styles, Elements, and more. This bundle (as opposed to the smaller Summer one) also includes some really cool HTML5 responsive gridfolios, and a OS Training Coupon if in need of a little more instruction.

All files (.ai, .png and .psd) and software are Mac OSX & Windows compatible.

The Massive Fall Design Bundle | StackSocial

See Below For A Small Sample of What's Included

Stamps and Labels Sets

Vector and Element Sets

Infographic Templates


Custom Fonts Collections

Backgrounds, Nature, and Graphic Art

And that's just the beginning...

We know many of you like design assets, and Ultrashock has brought together some great ones in this bundle. Together with StackSocial, Ultrashock has put together this bundle to help you get your Fall design fix. Remember, all files (.ai, .png and .psd) and software are Mac OSX / Windows compatible. If you're interested, head over to StackSocial and check it out:

The Massive Fall Design Bundle | StackSocial

Redemption: Upon completing the purchase on StackSocial, you'll be able to immediately download the entire contents of the bundle.

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