Photography is probably more accessible now than it's ever been, but it still isn't easy to take jaw-dropping snaps. To speed up the learning process, you might want to check out this bundle of courses, which io9 readers can grab for 87% off.

These seven courses total 48 hours of content, and they cover a really nice spectrum of core techniques — along with standard DSLR usage, you learn about HDR, portraiture, travel photography, shooting with your phone and restoring bust-up old pictures. Each course comes with a certificate of completion to stick on your CV, too. Scroll down for a closer look, or head for the link to grab the deal…

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EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

  • Learn the key elements to getting better portraits
  • Discover the tools and tricks to get great nature photos, and the most important settings in macro photos
  • Learn to set up a time lapse sequence, and how to improve your photos in-computer

Learn to Create Stunning HDR Photos

  • Introduction to HDR photography
  • How to use Photomatix to create tone maps and deal with missing exposure data
  • Get download access to over 2GB of working files

The Art of Travel Photography

  • How to use the manual settings on your camera
  • Be prepared to take great photos on your next vacation

iPhone Photography Secrets

  • Master the iPhone Camera App and how to optimize your iPhone settings
  • Tips and techniques for developing your creative eye
  • App suggestions for photo capturing, editing and special effects

The Art of Black and White Photography

  • Create technically and aesthetically stunning black and white images with Photoshop, and develop an efficient workflow
  • How to use the Curves tool, smooth skin tones, and create masks to seamlessly blend two or more adjustment layers
  • A range of black and white conversion techniques to maximize the impact of your images

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

  • Understand fill flash and the use of small strobes in location portraiture
  • Blend ambient light with strobes in nearly any light – and be confident that you will get the desired results
  • Fully understand the many different ways to make portraits with natural light, enhanced natural light, and strobes

Photo Restoration with Photoshop Tutorial

  • Convert gray-scale to color, and straighten your photos
  • Master removing stains, repairing torn pictures and correcting color
  • Learn some 'finishing touches', like vignetting and creating matts for your images

All the courses comes with lifetime access a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out the link for all the details…

>> Get 87% off The Fantastic Photography Bundle ($49)

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